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My name is Philip Green and this website, GreenDavies.co.uk is dedicated to all of my ancestors. I created this site partly to learn website construction, but mainly to share the information that I have researched and discovered about my ancestors.

I started my research in 2001 and consequently the task of collating and uploading the information is a long process, and it will be some time before I have a separate page for each ancestor. If you would like to be kept informed of changes when they happen, then notification of updates can be received via an rss feed, e-mail or on FriendFeed.

I hope that the information provided on this website is clear and easy to understand. I also hope that the site looks good, is easy to navigate and not too slow.

To contact me

If you are related to anyone mentioned on this site, or if you have additional information/photographs that you would like to share, or maybe you would just like to contact me regarding some of the information provided on this site, then please use this to contact me.

Alternatively, if you have spotted a typo, a broken link, a feature that does not function as expected, or have a suggestion on how I could improve this site, then please use this to notify me of the problem.

Please note: If the above e-mail links do not work, you may contact me using the contact form.

External Surname Sites

If you have been browsing this site and didn't find the person or family that you were looking for, then I apologise for taking up your time. Perhaps, one of the following sites will guide you towards the correct person or family.

Lost Cousins I have successfully been in contact with and shared information with two distant cousins found on LostCousins. The site works by identifying members who share the same ancestors. This is done by comparing the census information each member has entered on their My Ancestors page. It's free to register and enter details but you will need to be a paid member to contact a match. The site is run by Peter Calver and his newsletter is well worth subscribing too.
GEN UKI GENUKI provides a virtual reference library of genealogical information of particular relevance to the UK and Ireland. It is a non-commercial service, maintained by a charitable trust and a group of volunteers.
Ancestry.co.uk Search for and view census, parish records and many more online records. Also search family trees of other members.
Find My Past Search for and view census, parish records and many more online records.
FamilySearch Search the IGI and many other records for free.
If you have a Loosemore in your family then this site is a must.
Jones Genealogy Links \ Family Trees If you have a Jones in your family then this site is worth a visit
AncientFaces is a free family history community dedicated to preserving vintage family photos. You can upload photos or stories of ancestors. They are indexed by surname and can be searched for by ancestors' name.
UK based genealogy forum.
A large directory of websites and resources. Navigate by surname or US states.
MyCinnamonToast Surname Search Large index of links to genealogy web sites and databases, classified by surname and by region.
Surname Finder Providing access to commercial resources for surnames (mainly American).
Genealogy Resgister Directory of personal family tree sites.
GenForum Genealogy forum indexed by surname.
Cyndi's List If you're looking for a genealogy site then it's probably listed here.
UK Web Archive Sadly some websites dissapear; however greendavies.co.uk is archived at the UK Web Archive.
Wayback Machine If a website has disappeared, then it's well worth searching for it here.
A Guide to Genealogy An interesting article about genealogy, with links that may be usefull if your arcesters are from the U.S.

How this site was made

If you are interested in the technical aspects of this site, such as: what software package am I using? Well, there is no single package.

Originally, when I started my research I tried a few genealogy/family tree software packages, but none of them displayed the data quite how I wanted, so I decided to learn website construction and design (html, CSS, Javascript, etc.) to enable me to show the data as I wanted. To do this I am using Microsoft's Visual Web Developer 2010 to create and edit the code. The trees were created using GenoPro, and saved as images, which are then displayed within iframes. jQuery.ScrollTo and some Javascript code is used to scroll the frames to the correct position. To make the trees dragable I have modified code found on a drag and drop tutorial by Luke Breuer. Obout Flyout is used to display a picture (if one exists) when the cursor hovers over a person in the tree. The breadcrumb style dropdowns are based on Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns from HTML dog. Simile Exhibit is being used to render the BMD and Census databases. The search engine is created using ZoomSearch and the code for the autocompleter is from Digitarald. Piclens Publisher and the Cooliris Embedded Wall, both from Cooliris, are used to create and display the picture wall on the homepage, and also slideshows elsewhere within the site. The enlarged pictures that pop up on the Ancestors pages are displayed using Highslide JS and the zoomable images were created using Zoomify. The bubble tooltips are using code from walterzorn.com. The thumbnail images inside some of them were created using Bluga.net WebThumb.

I've started using an Online Broken Link Checker" to checks the site for broken links, and respelt to check for spelling errors.

Last updated: 20 March 2016