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Charles Leicester

Charles Leicester Baptised: 25 September 1822
Married: 2 May 1843
Died: 5 January 1902

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Charles Leicester was born in 1822 in Plumley and was baptised on 25th September 1822 at the Allostock Presbyterian Church, both in Cheshire. On the 2nd May 1843 he married Ellen Forster in Warrington, County of Lancaster. For the next 20 years he lived in Plumley. By 1871 Charles and Ellen had moved a few miles to Tabley and were living in one of the Gate-houses for Tabley House. It was called New Road Lodge - later known as Peacock Lodge - which was where they spent the rest of their lives. Charles spent most of his working life as a General Labourer. He also worked as a Gardener and as a Domestic Servant. Charles died on 5th January 1902 aged 79 and was burried at Lower Peover Church on 9 January 1902.


Charles Leicester's parents were Joseph Leicester and Susannah Jackson.


Charles Leicester and Ellen Forster had ten children:

Name Date of Birth
Joseph Leicester 2 July 1843
John Leicester 14 October 1845
Charles Leicester 5 June 1847
Thomas Leicester 1 March 1851
Ellen Leicester 22 September 1853
Hannah Mary Leicester 7 March 1856
Harriet Leicester 9 July 1859
Susannah Leicester 1 January 1862
William Leicester 7 July 1864
Annie Leicester 2 November 1866


Charles Leicester was the youngest of four siblings.

Name Date of Birth Baptism Date
Lucy Leicester 25 March 1816
Henry Leicester 31 May 1818
Harriet Leicester 18 May 1820 24 September 1820
Charles Leicester 25 September 1822

Picture Gallery

Charles Leicester resting on the gate It is believed that this this is Charles Leicester resting on the gate.
Photograph of Charles and Ellen Leicester This is a picture of Charles Leicester with his wife Ellen. In this picture they are just outside Peacock Lodge, where they lived. It is believed that the picture was taken during the early 1900s.
Group Photo Outside Peacock Lodge This photograph was also taken outside Peacock Lodge, Tabley House. It is believed that the picture was taken during the early 1900s. Charles Leicester is 2nd from the right. His wife Ellen is sitting beside him. Also in the picture is James Hall who is 2nd from the left and sitting down beside him is his wife Mary Hall née Ellis. The other people in the photograph have yet to be identified. The relevance of this picture is not yet known.
Photograph of Peacock Lodge This is a picture of Peacock Lodge, the gatehouse to Tabley House, and is where Charles and Ellen Leicester lived.
In loving Memory of Charles Leicester.

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