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Mary Hall nee Ellis

Mary Hall nee Ellis Baptised: 17 July 1831
Married: 2 March 1851
Died: Not Known

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Mary Ellis was baptised on 17 July 1831 in Ewloe Station, Hawarden, County of Flint. In 1841 the family was living in Wood Lane, Ewloe Town. On the 2nd March 1851 she married James Hall at The Mother Church in the Parish of Harwarden. On 30th March 1851 James Hall was back with his mother and siblings, whilst Mary was staying with her parents in Hawarden, having just given birth to their eldest child (Elizabeth). As a family, they went to live in The Laundry at Tabley House, Knutsford, where they both worked. Mary was the Laundress and was assisted, once they were old enough, by her daughters and granddaughters (Fanny, Alice and Ellen Merrick). The date of Mary's death is unknown but it was after the 1901 census.


Mary's parents were Thomas Ellis and Elizabeth Davison


James Hall and Mary Ellis had five children:

Name Date of Birth
Elizabeth Hall March 1851
Ellen Hall 15 May 1853
John Hall c. 1855
Thomas Hall 9 December 1857
Maria Hall February 1860


Mary was the 5th of 8 siblings:

Name Baptism Date
John Ellis 26 January 1823
Elizabeth Ellis 26 November 1824
Sarah Ellis 8 December 1826
Esther Ellis 4 April 1829
Mary Ellis 17 July 1831
Samuel Ellis 13 October 1833
Martha Ellis 22 November 1835
Martha Ellis 14 July 1839

Picture Gallery

Picture of James and Mary Hall This photograph of Mary was taken circa late 1860s early 1870s. Picture courtesy of Joan Capper.
Picture of James and Mary Hall This is a picture of Mary with her husband James Hall. The photograph was taken circa 1870s. Picture courtesy of Joan Capper.
Group Photo Outside Peacock Lodge This photograph was taken outside Peacock Lodge, Tabley House. It is believed that the picture was taken during the early 1900s. Mary Hall is sitting down at the far left. Standing beside her is her husband James Hall. Also in the picture, at the far right, is Ellen Leicester née Forster and standing beside her is her husband Charles Leicester. The other people in the photograph have yet to be identified.

Census Records

Mary Hall née Ellis has been identified in the following censuses:

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