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Evan Davies

Evan Davies Born: 24 June 1865
Married: 20 November 1895
Died: Date Unknown

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Evan Davies was born on 24 June 1865 at the family farmhouse called Pantyfod in Llanddewi Brefi which is in the parish of Gorwydd, in the sub-district of Tregaron, Cardigan.  Evan would have grown up on the farm, however on the night of the 1881 Census, he was residing at a farm called Graigdduisaf also in Gorwdd. He was 15 and shown as a 'Farm Servant Indoor'.

Evan moved south to work as a coal miner, and in 1891 was living with his first wife Elizabeth at 17 Edward Street, Treharis in the parish of Merthyr Tydfil.  Together, they had two children before Elizabeth died.  On 20 November 1895 he married his second wife  Eleanor Morgans.  Eleanor moved in to 17 Edward Street and together they had four children.  Sadly their second child died after just five days.  Eleanor died on 11 december 1908.   His third wife was called Susannah.


Evan's parents were Evan Davies and Esther Edwards.


Evan Davies and Elizabeth had two children:

Name Date of Birth
Thomas John Davies 9 February 1891
Evan Davies 23 November 1892

Evan Davies and Eleanor Morgans had four children:

Name Date of Birth
David Davies 8 September 1896
Esther Davies 18 April 1899
Alice Davies 2 August 1901
Esther Mary Davies 20 January 1904

Evan Davies and Susannah had no children.


Evan Davies was the fourth oldest of eleven siblings.

Name Date of Birth
David Davies c. 1860
Jane Davies c.1861
Griffith Davies c. 1863
Evan Davies 24 June 1865
John Davies c. 1866
William Davies c. 1870
Mary Davies c. Jan 1871
Daniel Davies c. 1872
David Davies c. 1874
Thomas Davies c. 1877
Benjamin Davies c. 1879

Picture Gallery

Photograph with Evan and Susannah Davies Evan Davies is believed to be sitting to the right of this picture. Beside him is his third wife susannah. It is not known who the other people are.

Census Records

Evan Davies has been identified in the following censuses:

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