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John Vincent

Baptised: 6 October 1802
Married: 15 September 1824
Buried: 20 February 1836

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John Vincent was baptised on 6 October 1802 in Sherborne, Dorset. He later moved to London, and on 15 September 1824 he married Sarah Phillips in St George's Hanover Square, Westminster. John was a tailor and was living at 25 Carburton Street, St Marylebone when their first child John was baptised in 1825. By 1827 they were living in Mount Street, Mayfair and then in Ecclestone Street, Belgravia between 1830 and 1835. Whilst living in Ecclestone Street John was paying annual rates to the church and poor including county and police.

Soon after the family had moved down to Sherborne maybe to visit or maybe to stay. Their middle child Charlotte Vincent died and was buried in Sherborne on 1 January 1836 aged 5. John Vincent died and was buried in Sherborne on 20 February 1836 aged 33. John's sister Charlotte Vincent was buried on 11 April 1836 aged 34. John's wife Sarah Vincent stayed in Sherborne with the children and died on 24 April 1841 in Newland, Sherborne aged 44. In the 1841 census the children were with Mary Chiverell in Trendle Street, Sherborne.


John's parents were George and Sarah Vincent nee Higgins


John and Sarah had five children:

Name Baptism Date
John Vincent 26 August 1825
George Vincent 25 May 1827
Charlotte Vincent 5 October 1830
Mary Vincent 11 September 1832
Annie Vincent 2 September 1834


John was the youngest of eight, having two older brothers and five older brothers.

Name Baptism Date
Hannah Vincent 17 February 1792
Hannah Vincent 28 December 1793
George Vincent 11 April 1795
Mary Vincent 29 October 1798
Sarah Vincent 9 February 1798
Thomas Vincent 8 January 1800
Charlotte Vincent 28 February 1801
John Vincent October 1802

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Sherborne Abbey, Sherborne Sherborne Abbey where John Vincent was probably baptised on 6 October 1802.
St George Hanover Square, Westminster St George's Hanover Square Church, Westminster, where John Vincent married Sarah Vincent on 15 September 1824.
St George Hanover Square, Westminster Inside St George's Hanover Square Church, Westminster.
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