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Robert Thomas

Born: 4 October 1839
Married: 5 November 1870
Died: 26 December 1914

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Robert Thomas was born on 4th October 1839 at Craig y Llan, Church Street, Nefyn.  Robert became a mariner working on ships travelling around the coast of Great Britian and also to mainland Europe.  On 5th November 1870 he married Catherine Jones.  Following the death of his father it appears that Robert inherited Craig y Llan and lived there until his death.


Robert's parents were John Thomas and Mary Thomas nee Jones


Robert and Catherine had four children:

Name Date of Birth
Mary Thomas c. 1872
Elizabeth Thomas 26 August 1874
Hugh Thomas c. 1877
Margaret Thomas c. October 1880


Robert was the eldest of two.

Name Date of Birth
Robert Thomas 4 October 1839
Hugh Thomas c. 1845

Picture Gallery

Picture of Craig y Llan This picture is of Craig Y Llan where Robert Thomas was born and lived. 
image of Robert Thomas's Gravestone The gravestone for Robert Thomas is the main cemetry in Nefyn.  Also mentioned in the inscription is his wife Catherine.

Census Records

Robert Thomas has been identified in the following censuses:


Mariner Records

It is not know when Robert started his career as a mariner, however it is know that from 1869 onwards he was working on various ships based around Caernarfon. The ships were travelling around the coast of the British Isles and occaisionally to mainland Europe.

Below are some details (where known) about the ships that Robert served on.
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