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Eliza Green née Long

Eliza Green nee Long Born: 11 September 1859
Married: 2 July 1896
Died: 23 November 1937

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Eliza Long was born on 11 September 1859 in Upottery, Devon where she spent her childhood. In 1881 she was working as a servant for a surgeon at his home in Taunton, Devon. Later, she worked at the Christchurch Union Workhouse in Hampshire, for 2½ years up to 8 July 1890. It appears that after leaving she applied for a job at Ludlow Union Workhouse, Shropshire, since a reference was written for her by a matron at the Whitechapel Union Workhouse who had previously worked at Christchurch with Eliza. Whether she worked at Ludlow is unknown. In March 1891 she started working at the Westhampnett Union Workhouse in Sussex, where she worked as an industrial trainer for 6-months. Soon after, she moved to London and started working at the Whitechapel Union Workhouse, which is where she met her husband Vincent John Green, who was also working there. She left the Whitechapel Union Workhouse on 24 November 1894. On 2nd July 1896 she married Vincent John Green at the Register Office, Mile End Old Town. He was living at 7 South Grove, adjacent to the workhouse, and she was living at 40 Maplin Street – the next street along. On 17 August 1898 she had twins - a boy and a girl. The girl was called Nellie Green and the boy was called Vincent John Green; however, he died at 8-months. Their next child was Kate, born 16 August 1899. At the time of the 1901 Census, the family was living on the first floor of 16 Albion Street, parallel to South Grove. Prior to living in Albion Street they had lived for two years at 41 Eric Street. On 28 July 1902 her husband died. Being pregnant, Eliza moved back with the children to Up-Ottery, to be with her family, where she lived until she died on 23 November 1937.


Eliza's parents were John Long and Mary Lenthall.


Vincent and Eliza had four children:

Name Date of Birth
Vincent John Green 17 August 1898
Nellie Green 17 August 1898
Kate Green 16 August 1899
Vincent Green 27 September 1902


Eliza was the 6 of 8 siblings, having four sisters and three brothers.

Name Date of Birth
Elizabeth Long 3 February 1844
James Long 16 June 1846
William Long 13 October 1848
Dinah Long 7 October 1851
Mary Elizabeth Long 5 March 1857
Eliza Long 11 September 1859
Charles Long 3 August 1863
Eli Long 30 September 1866

Picture Gallery

This picture of Eliza was taken in Bournmouth, probably in the late 1880's.
This picture of Eliza was taken in Bow in the 1890's.
This picture, taken at Up-Ottery, is of Eliza (on the left) with her sister Mary Elizabeth Long.

Census Records

Eliza Green née Long has been identified in the following censuses:


Eliza Green nee Long's Workhouse Records

Eliza is know to have worked at the following workhouses from which she received letters of reference and also letters confirming her resignation:
Eliza also applied for a job at Ludlow Union Workhouse in 1990; however, it is not known whether she worked there.
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