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Vincent John Green - 1856

Vincent John Green (1856) Born:   5 August 1856
Married:   2 July 1896
Died:   28 July 1902

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Vincent John Green was the eldest of 8, having five sisters and two brothers. He was born on 5 August 1856 at 12 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. By 1871 the family had moved to 40 Liquorpond Street. On his 16th birthday (1872) whilst the family were living at Palmestone Buildings, St Lukes, Middlesex; he became an apprentice Jeweller for five years. Having completed his apprenticeship he joined the British Army, on 29 August 1877, to serve in the Royal Fusiliers - his regimental number was 1369. Upon joining he had a medical where he was described as having a fair complexion with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was 5 feet 5 inches tall and had his initials VJG tattooed on his left forearm. He spent the next twelve years serving in the army and spent most of the last six in India. After leaving the army he returned to London and on the night of the 1891 Census he was residing at the Whitechapel Union Workhouse, where he worked as a cook. It was at this workhouse where he met his wife Eliza Long, who also worked there. On 2nd July 1896 they got married at the Register Office, Mile End Old Town. He was living at 7 South Grove, adjacent to the workhouse, and she was living at 40 Maplin Street - the next street along. On 17 December 1896 their first child, Lily Green, was born but sadly she shied the following day. On 17th August 1898 they had twins - a boy and a girl. The girl was called Nellie Green and the boy was called Vincent John Green but he died at 8-months. Their next child was Kate, born 16th August 1899. At the time of the 1901 Census, the family was living on the first floor of 16 Albion Street, parallel to South Grove and Vincent was shown as a Laundryman. Prior to living in Albion Street they had lived for two years at 41 Eric Street. On 28th July 1902 Vincent John Green died, aged 45. He is buried at Bow Cemetery, South Grove, grave number T-370.


Vincent's parents were Vincent John Green and Annie Vincent.


Vincent and Eliza had four children:

Name Date of Birth
Lily Green 17 December 1896
Vincent John Green 17 August 1898
Nellie Green 17 August 1898
Kate Green 16 August 1899
Vincent Green 27 September 1902


Vincent was the eldest of 8 siblings.

Name Date of Birth Baptism Date
Vincent John Green 5 August 1856
Annie Green c. 1859
Lavina Green 7 July 1860 15 December 1868
Florence Green 18 January 1862 15 December 1868
Kate Green 7 January 1864 15 December 1868
George Green c. 1866
Ida Green c. 1868
Ernest Harold Green 17 January 1871 28 February 1871
Owen Green 5 February 1873 9 March 1873

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Vincent John Green This is the only known picture of Vincent John Green.

Census Records:

Vincent John Green has been identified in the following censuses:

1861 1871 1881 1891 1901

Army Records

On 30 August 1877, Vincent joined the the British Army becoming a Private in the 1st Battalion, 7 Regiment, 49 Brigade (later to become 1st Battalion The Royal Fusiliers, 7 Regimental District). His regimental number was 1369. For the next seven years he stayed with this regiment and was stationed at Woolwich, Dublin, Templemore, Cork, Pembroke Dock, The Tower of London and Colchester. In January 1884 he transfered to 2 Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers who were based in India.  He spent the next five years stationed in India at Tumkur, Bellary, Camp Mandya, Cannanore, Calicut and Wellington.  On 28 August 1889, Having completed 12 years, Vincent left the army.

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