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Evan Hughes

Born: c. 1772
Married: Not Known
Died: Not Known

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Little is known about Evan Hughes except that he was born in Nevin circa 1772. It is also known that he was a mariner, and was on-board the sloop Britannia with his son Hugh Jones between 1835 and 1837. It is believed that Evan may have died shortly after. It is also believed that his wife was called Jane Jones.


No information is known about Evan's parents.


It is not known how many children Evan had; however, it is known he had at least one.

Name Date of Birth
Hugh Jones 7 April 1814


It is not known how many siblings (if any) Evan had.

Picture Gallery

It is unlikely that Evan was ever photographed.

Census Records

Evan Hughes has not been identified in a census.


Mariner Records

Below are some details (where known) about the ships that Evan served on and the crew lists where he is shown to have been onboard.
Last updated: 17 June 2007

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