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Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones Born: 7 April 1814
Married: 21 November 1843
Died: 2 June 1874

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Hugh Jones was born on 7th April 1814 in Nefyn and it is believed that he was baptised on 21st August 1814 in Nefyn. In 1828, at the age of 14, he started his career working on the seas as a cook and able seaman. Over the next 44 years he worked on various ships, working his way up to become a master mariner for which he obtained a certificate in 1864. On 21st November 1843, he married Elizabeth Jones the daughter of Griffith and Margaret Jones. After the marriage they lived with her parents at Bwlch-Bridin, Porthdinllaen. In 1851 Hugh took out a 64 year lease for part of the land of Bwlch-Bridin for building. The land was called Fron Oleu and was where Hugh and his family lived for the rest of their lives. Hugh died on 2nd June 1874 and is burried at St Mary's Church, Nefyn.


Hugh's father was Evan Hughes and it is believed that his mother was Margaret. It is believed that a form of patronymic naming system common to Wales meant that he may have inherited his surname from his mother.


Hugh and Elizabeth Jones had three children:

Name Date of Birth
Evan Jones c. 1844
Catherine Jones 17 October 1846
Margaret Jones c. 1854


It is not known how many siblings (if any) Hugh had.

Picture Gallery

Picture of Fron Oleu This picture is of Fron Oleu taken circa 1860s. It is believed that the people standing in front of the building are Hugh, Elizabeth and Evan.
Picture of Fron Oleu This is an enlarged section of the above picture. Hugh is believed to be the man on the right.
image of Fron Oleu This is another picture of Fron Oleu, the house which Hugh Jones built and lived in.
image of St Mary's Church St Mary's Church, Nefyn is the church where Hugh and Elizabeth Jones were married and also where they are buried.
image of Elizabeth Jones's Gravestone The gravestone for Hugh Jones in the churchyard of St Mary's Church, Nefyn. Also mentioned in the inscription is his wife Elizabeth and her sister Catherine Jones.

Census Records

Hugh Jones has been identified in the following censuses:


Mariner Records

Hugh started his career as a mariner in 1828 at the age of 14, however little is known about his career until 1835. From this period onwards he was owner and master of sloops, working in the coastal trade shipping goods mainly between ports on the Lleyn Peninsula and ports around the Mersey. In 1864 Hugh applied to become a Master Mariner. He sent his application to the Registrar General of Seaman at Adelaide Place, London Bridge. On the application form he provided some details about the vessels that he had served aboard between 1828 and 1864. He also provide some detail about his role onboard. The application was successful and he received a certificate. The certificate number was 74846.

Below are some details (where known) about the ships that Hugh served on.
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