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Griffith Jones

Born: c. 1796
Married: Not Known
Died: 20 October 1858

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It is believed that Griffith Jones was born in Aberdaron circa 1796. It is not known when he got married or when he moved to Nefyn, but when Elizabeth Jones was baptised in 1819 he was living at Bwlch-Bridin on Porthdinllaen Beach. He was a mariner, but little is known about his career until 1845 when he was the master of the sloop Mary Anne working in the coastal trade.


No information is known about Griffith's parents.


Griffith and Margaret had at least three children.

Name Baptism Date
Catherine Jones c. 1818
Elizabeth Jones 24 October 1819
Robert Jones 14 October 1821


It is not known how many siblings (if any) Griffith had.

Picture Gallery

image of Bwlch Bridin The houses of Bwlch-Bridin on Pothdinllaen Beach, Morfa Nefyn. It is not known which house Griffith and his family lived in, but it is believed that it wasn't the tall one, which was once used as the customs house and has also been a pub.
image of Bwlch Bridin Bwlch-Bridin viewed from the village of Porthdinllaen.
image of St Mary's Church St Mary's Church, Nefyn is where Griffith Jones is buried.
image of Griffith Jones's Gravestone The gravestone for Griffith Jones in the churchyard of St Mary's Church, Nefyn.
All photographs taken July 2005.

Census Records

Griffith Jones has been identified in the following census.


Mariner Records

Below are some details (where known) about the ships that Griffith served on and the crew lists where he is shown to have been onboard.
Last updated: 14 September 2008

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