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James Hankey

James Hankey Born: 9 March 1873
Married: 19 December 1903
Died: 29 November 1941

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James Hankey was born on 9 March 1873 in Pickmere, Cheshire. He worked as an agricultural labourer, and in 1901 was working at Tabley Vale Farm. On 19 December 1903, he married Ada Mary Ellen (Nellie) Hall at St Agnes Church in St Agnes Birch, Manchester. Witnessnes were his brother-in-law Fred Stephenson and her cousin Gertrude E. Hall. After marrying they lived at Vale Cottage, Tabley Road, Tabley Superior, Cheshire.

On 27 April 1904, their eldest daughter Emily Hankey was born at Tabley Hill, Tabley Superior, and in 1911 their second daughter, Mabel was born. James died aged 68, on 29 November 1941, following a collision with a car whilst he was crossing the road. Following his death an inquest was held. Prior to his death he was working as a builder's labourer in Victoria Street, South Knutsford, Cheshire. James was buried at Knutsford Cemetry on 14 December 1941.


James Hankey's parents were John Hankey and Ellen Hankey nee Forster


James Hankey and Ada Hankey nee Hall had two children:

Name Date of Birth
Emily Hankey 27 April 1904
Mabel Hankey 1911


James Hankey was the 5th of 8 siblings, although the eldest three had died before he was born:

Name Date of Birth
Ann Hankey c. 1865
Mary Hankey c. 1867
Thomas Hankey c. Dec 1868
Ann(ie) Hankey C. 1871
James Hankey 9 March 1873
Emily Hankey c. 1875
Arthur Hankey c. 1879
Alfred Hankey c. 1880
Gertrude Ellen Hankey c. 1881

Picture Gallery

James and Ada Hankey with daughters James Hankey as a young man.
Wedding of Harold Hayman and Gertie Hankey Wedding photograph for the marriage of Harold Hayman to Gertie Hankey on 8 July 1914. Gertie was James Hankey's sister. James is standing in the back row extreme right. Aslo in the picture are: his wife Ada Hankey - extreme right; his mother Ellen Hankey - seated front row, third from left; his father John Hankey - seated front row, second from right; his daughter Emily - third child from left; and it is assumed that his daughter Mabel is the youngest girl standing in front of who is presumed to be the groom's father; his sister Annie Stephenson is standing sixth from left in the middle row, and her son Reginald Stephenson is the child on the extreme left. The rest of the people in the photograph have yet to be identified.
James and Ada Hankey with daughters James Hankey with his wife Ada (Nellie) Hankey and their two daughters Emily (right) and Mabel (centre).
James and Ada Hankey ouside their house in 1927 James and Ada Hankey ouside their house in 1927.
James and Ada Hankey in 1927 James Hankey with his wife Ada (Nellie) Hankey in 1927.
James Hankey and Family - 1932 The Hankey Family in 1932.
James Hankey with Grandson James Hankey with his eldest grandson.
Tabley Vale Cottage Tabley Vale Cottages, where James Hankey and family lived.
James Hankey in 1933 James Hankey in 1933.
James Hankey in 1934 James Hankey in 1934.
James and Ada Hankey outside Tabley Vale Cottage James and Ada Hankey outside Tabley Vale Cottage.
James Hankey with the pet dog James Hankey with the pet dog in 1934.
James and Nellie Hankey James Hankey with: his wife Nellie, his sister Annie Stephensons, and daughter Mabel.
James Hankey James Hankey in 1939.
James Hankey and family James Hankey with his wife Ada and daughter Mabel.
James Hankey's grave James Hankey's grave at Tabley Cemetry, Knutsford. (Grave number 2685 in the red section.)

The Inscription reads:

In Loving Remembrance of James Hankey, of Tabley, Died Nov. 29 1941, Aged 68 Years. "At Rest"
Nellie at James Hankey's Grave James Hankey's widow Ada (Nellie) at his Grave.

Census Records

James Hankey has been identified in the following censuses:

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