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A Brief History of the Hankey Ancestors

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Please note: Some of the early information about the Hankey Ancestors has been retrieved from records on FamilySearch.org, which I have not personally verified.

Thomas Hankey

The earliest known Hankey ancestor is Thomas Hankey. On 31 January 1803 he married Nancy Woodier in Great Budworth, Cheshire. They had at least two children, the eldest of which, was born in 1803. It is believed that Thomas died before 1837 after which Nancy married Thomas Adams. In 1841 Thomas and Nancy Adams were living in Pickmere. Thomas Adams died in 1847, after which Nancy lived with her son Thomas Hankey in Pickmere and, following his death lived with his wife Ann. Nancy Adams died in 1869 aged 85.

Thomas Hankey (1803)

Thomas Hankey was born in 1803. On 5 December 1829 he married Ann Riley in Warrington, Lancashire. By 1841, the family was living in Pickmere, Cheshire and Thomas worked as a salt boiler. Thomas and Ann had four children. The third child, John Hankey, was born on 17 August 1845. Thomas died in 1857 aged 54 and Ann died after the 1861 census.

John Hankey

John Hankey John Hankey was born on 17 August 1845 in Pickmere, Cheshire. On 9 February 1865 in Great Budworth, he married Ellen Forster the daughter of Thomas and Ann Forster. John and Ellen had nine children, however five died in childhood. The first three all died within a month of each other. Their fifth child James Hankey was born on 9 March 1873. They lived in Brook Cottage, Pickmere, and John worked as a salt boiler at the salt works. John died on 7 October 1915 and was buried at St Mary’s and all Saints Church in Great Budworth on 12 October 1915. Ellen died on 19 July 1934 and was buried there on 24 July 1934.

James Hankey 

James Hankey James Hankey was born on 9 March 1873 in Pickmere, Cheshire. On 19 December 1903 he married Ada Mary Ellen (Nellie) Hall at St Agnes Church in the parish of St Agnes Birch, Manchester. James and Nellie had two children. On 27 April 1904 they were living in Tabley Hill, Tabley Superior where their eldest child, Emily Hankey, was born. James died on 29 November 1941 and was burried at Knutsford Cemetry on 14 December 1841. His wife Nellie died on 1 October 1969.

Emily Hankey

Emily Hankey Emily Hankey was born on 27 April 1904 in Tabley Hill, Tabley Superior, Cheshire.

Last updated: 20 April 2009

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