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Robert Jones - 1873

Robert Jones Born: 22 March 1873
Married: 17 April 1897
Died: 30 December 1943

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Robert Jones was born on 22 March 1873 in Gadlys, Pwllheli, Carnavonshire. In 1891 he was still at Gadlys with his mother and two of his siblings. He was working as a labourer; however, by 1897 when he got married he was living at Quay, Pwllheli and working as a plasterer. On 17 April 1897, Robert married Eliza Thomas, from Nevin, in the Register Office in Pwllheli. After their marriage, they lived at 1 Back Carnarvon Road, Pwllheli. Robert and Eliza had five children. Their second eldest, Catherine Jones, was born on 17 April 1899 in Well Street, Nevin, Carnavonshire - the same place as her mother - Eliza. On her birth certificate, Robert was shown as a slater and plasterer, and in the 1901 census he was shown as a plasterer.

The family later moved south to Abercynon, Glamorgan. The date they moved is not know but is believed that Catherine Jones had completed her schooling in Pwllheli.

In Abercynon they live at 46 Aberdare Road. Robert worked as a Sumper in the Abercynon Colliery. On 30 December 1943, Robert Jones died aged 70, at the General Hospital, Mountain Ash.


Robert Jones's parents were William Jones and Anne Jones nee Jones


Robert Jones and Elizabeth Thomas had five children:

Name Date of Birth
Annie Jones 1 Mar 1798
Catherine Jones 17 April 1899
Mary Jones 30 November 1905
Robert William Jones 30 November 1905
Gladys Jones 15 July


Robert Jones was the ninth of 10 siblings:

Name Date of Birth
Richard Jones c. 1849
Ellinor Jones c. 1850
John Jones c. 1856
Ann Jones c. 1861
Ellen Jones c. 1862
Grace Jones c. 1863
Mirriam Jones c. 1868
William Jones c. 1870
Robert Jones 22 March 1873
John Jones c. 1883

Picture Gallery

Robert Jones as a young man Robert Jones as a young man.
Wedding of David Davies to Catherine Jones on 26 December 1929 Robert Jones standing to the right at the wedding of his daughter Catherine Jones to David Davies on 26 December 1929.
Robert Jones with his wife Eliza Thomas and her brother-in-law Pierce Picture of Robert Jones (centre) with his wife Elizabeth Thomas and her brother-in-law Peirce.
Abercynon Sumpers Robert Jones worked as a Sumper at the Abercynon colliery. A photograph was taken of the Abercynon Sumpers with Robert Jones in. Robert is third from the left kneeling down holding a can in his hand.
Gadlys, Pwllheli Gadlys, Pwllheli - Where Robert Jones was born in 1873 and lived as a child. Photograph taken July 2005.
Carnarvon Road, Pwllheli Carnarvon Road, Pwllheli. The house on the left is number one. In 1901, Robert and family were living in the back of it. Photograph taken July 2005.
1 Back Carnarvon Road The entrance (behing the car) to the back of 1 Carnarvon Road. Photograph taken July 2005.

Census Records

Robert Jones has been identified in the following censuses:


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I would like to thank Anita Goodall for the photograph of Robert Jones as a young man.

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