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A Brief History of the Jones Ancestors from Pwllheli

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William Jones - 1791

William Jones was born circa 1791 and was from Denio. On 18 May 1812 he married Elinor Jones in the Parish of Llanystumdwy, Caernarvonshire. Elinor was the daughter of John and Jane Jones and was baptised in Llanstumdwy on 29 May 1791. William and Elinor lived in Pwllheli and had eight children. The second eldest, William Jones was baptised on 2 April 1815 in Denio Parish Church.

William died in Quay, Pwllheli on 23 July 1874 and Elinor died in Quay on 7 January 1876.

Some additional information known about the children of William and Elinor is as follows:

William Jones - 1815

William Jones was born in Pwllheli, Caernarvonshire and was baptised on 2 April 1815 in Denio Parish Church. On 13 August 1847, he married Anne Jones, the daughter of John Jones, a nailer. William and Anne then lived at Penrhydlyniog, Pwllheli, Caernarvonshire. William seemed to start and finish his career as a tailor, but spent some time in-between as a fisherman. In 1861 He was living in Penlan Street, Pwllheli and in 1871 in Gadlys, which is also in Pwllheli. This was where Robert Jones, their youngest child was born was born on 22 March 1873.

Anne died on 1 June 1889 and was buried in Denio Parish Churchyard on 4 July 1889. William died on 9 October 1896 and was buried in Denio Parish Churchyard on 13 October 1896

Some additional information known about his Children is as follows:

Robert Jones – 1873 

Robert Jones Robert Jones was born on 22 March 1873 at Gadlys, Pwllheli, Caernarvonshire. On 17 April 1897 he married Elizabeth Thomas from Nefyn, Caernarvonshire. Robert’s occupation was a plasterer. After marrying they lived at 1 Back Caernarvon Road, Pwllheli, but on 17 April 1899, their second daughter Catherine Jones was born in Well Street, Nefyn (The same street as Elizabeth). Robert was now working as a slater and plasterer.

The family moved south to Abercynon, Glamorganshire, and Robert started working down the coal mine as a sumper.

Robert died on 30 December 1943 and Elizabeth died on 12 August 1949. Both are buried at Abercynon Cemetery.

Catherine Jones

Catherine Davies nee Jones Catherine Jones was born on 17 April 1899 in Well Street, Nefyn. She spent the early years of her life living in Pwllheli, before the family moved south to Abercynon, Glamorganshire. During the First World War she worked in a munitions factory in Birmingham. On 26 December 1929 at Penuel Chapel, Pontypridd, Glamorganshire she married David Davies, a coal miner, who also lived in Abercynon.

I would like to thank David Wyn Roberts for providing the information about William Jones 1791 and his family; and also for providing significant information about the siblings of Robert Jones.
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