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William Miles Green

Born: Circa. 1800
Married: 30 April 1820
Died: 16 September 1851

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William Miles Green was born circa 1800 in Castleton, a small village near Sherborne in Dorset.  It is believed that he grew up in the area since on 30 April 1820 he got married in Castleton to Hannah Vincent who was from Sherborne. Their eldest three children were born in Castleton and baptised at the Union Chapel in Sherborne.  William worked as a shoemaker.  Sometime between 1824 and 1829 the family moved to London, where they  had a further three children.  In 1829 when Vincent John Green was baptised they were living in Long Lane, St Bartholemews; in 1832 when Thomas Vincent Green was baptised they were living in Poppins Court, Holborn; in 1833 when Sarah Vincent Green was baptised they were living in Ely Court, Holborn; in 1841 they were back in Long Lane; and by 1851 the family had moved to Great Arthur Street, St Lukes.

In 1851 William died in St Batholemews Hospital as a result of a 'diseased prostate gland'.

William had been a shoemaker both before and after moving to London.  Whilst living in London, other shoemakers stayed with the family.  One of them was called Francis Eastment and must have become like an adopted uncle to the children, since he was with them in 1841 and still with William's youngest son Alfred and his family in 1881.


William's parents are believed to be William Green and Charlotte Walters.  This has been deduced by the fact that William and Charlotte married in Castleton in 1798 and that he and Hannah named the two eldest sons after their fathers and their two eldest daughters after their mothers, which used to be a common convention in naming children.


William and Hannah had seven children:

Name Date of Birth Baptism Date
Charlotte Green 21 February 1820 22 April 1821
George Green 20 August 1822 25 December 1822
William Vincent Green 30 July 1824 20 February 1825
Vincent John Green 11 July 1829 4 August 1829
Thomas Vincent Green 2 August 1832 26 August 1832
Sarah Vincent Green 18 October 1833 22 December 1833
Alfred Thomas Green c. 1839


It is not know how many siblings (if any) William had.

Picture Gallery

St Mary's Church, Castleton St Mary's Church, Castleton where William Miles Green married Hannah Vincent on 30 April 1820.
St Mary's Church, Castleton St Mary's Church, Castleton.
Union Chapel, Sherborne Union Chapel, Sherborne, where William Miles Green's eldest three children were baptised.

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