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A Brief History of the Green Ancestors

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Please note: The early information about the Green Ancestors has been retrieved from an Pedigree Resource File on FamilySearch.org, which I have not personally verified.

William Green

The earliest known Green ancestors are William Green and his wife Elizabeth. They had four children (three girls and one boy) all baptised in Hartpury, Gloucestershire. Their second child, the only boy, was named William. He was baptised on 1 June 1741.

William Green (1741)

William Green (1741) married Anne Wright on 3 November 1764 in Hartpury. William and Anne had five children (four girls and one boy). Again the boy was called William, and was baptised on 28 June 1772 in Hartpury.

William Green (1772) 

William Green was baptised on 28 June 1772 in Hartpury, Gloucestershire. On 11 March 1793, William joined the 11th Regiment of Light Dragoons in the British Army. He spent the next 21 years with the regiment, some of which was spent fighting Napoleon's army in Holland, Portugal and Spain. In late 1798 and early 1799 he was stationed in Sherborne, Dorset, where he met Charlotte Walters. They got married in the neighbouring village of Castleton on 19 February 1799. It is believed that they had at least one child, William Miles Green, born circa 1800 in Castleton, Dorset. In 1814 William retired from the army. William and Charlotte returned to Sherborne. Charlotte died on 31 May 1839 in Cold Harbour, Sherborne. In 1841 William was residing at Vincent Court, Newlands, Sherborne. William died on 30 November 1854 in Newland, Sherborne.

William Miles Green 

William Miles Green was born circa 1800 in Castleton, Dorset. On 30th April 1820, William married Hannah Vincent, the daughter of William and Sarah Vincent, in Castleton. William was a shoemaker. William and Hannah had seven children (two girls and five boys). The eldest three were all baptised at the Union Chapel in Sherborne. The family then moved to London. Their next son Vincent John Green, was born on 11 July 1829 in the district of Clerkenwell, probably in Long Lane, since this was where the family was living on 4 August 1829 when he was baptised at St Andrew Church, Holborn . On the 16 September 1851, William Miles Green died at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, aged 51. It is not yet known when Hannah died.

The information known about his Children is as follows:

Vincent John Green (1829) 

Vincent John Green was born on 11 July 1829 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex. On 19 November 1855, he married his cousin Annie Vincent at St Barnabus Church in St Lukes. Annie was living in St Lukes, but was born in Pimlico on 2 September 1834. Vincent was a bookbinder, and was living at 20 Woodbridge Street, Clerkenwell. On the 12 August 1856 their first son, Vincent John Green was born at 12 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell. Their daughters: Lavina, Florence and Kate were baptised at St Andrew, Holborn on the 15 December 1868. Their next two children were: George and Ida, both born in St Lukes. Their next son, Ernest Harold Green, was born in 1871 and was baptised at St Andrew, Holborn. At this time the family was living at 40a Liquorpond Street. In 1872, the family had moved to Palmerston Buildings, St Lukes. Their youngest son Owen was born in February 1873. In 1877, the family was living at 21 Gloucester Street, Clerkenwell. Two years later, on the 9 November 1879, Vincent John Green died at the Great Northern Hospital. Prior to his death, he had been living at 9 Pullteney Terrace.

Additional information known about his Children is as follows:

Vincent John Green (1856) 

Vincent John Green - 1856 Vincent John Green was born on the 12 August 1856 at 12 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell. On 5 August 1872, Vincent became an apprentice jeweller. On 29 August 1877 Vincent joined the Royal Fusiliers regiment in the British Army. During his time in the army he spent six years in India. After completing 12-years in the army, Vincent returned to London. On the night of the 1891 Census he was residing at the Whitechapel Union Workhouse, South Grove, Mile End Road, where he worked as a cook. It was at this workhouse where he met his wife Eliza Long, daughter of John and Mary Long. Eliza was born in Upottery in Devon, but had worked in various workhouses, before moving to London shortly after 1891 to work at the Whitechapel Union Workhouse. On 2 July 1896 they married at the Register Office, Mile End Old Town. He was living at 7 South Grove, adjacent to the workhouse, and she was living at 40 Maplin Street – the next street along. On 17 December 1896, their first child Lily Green was born, but sadly died the following day. On 17 August 1898 they had twins - a boy and a girl. The girl was called Nellie Green and the boy was called Vincent John Green; however, he died aged 8-months. At the time of the 1901 Census, the family was living on the first floor of 16 Albion Street, parallel to South Grove - Vincent was shown as a Laundryman. On 28 July 1902 Vincent John Green died, aged 45, and is buried at Bow Cemetery, South Grove. Being pregnant, Eliza moved back, with the children, to Upottery to be with her family.

Vincent Green

Vincent Green On 27th September 1902, at the Post Office, Upottery their fourth child, Vincent Green, was born.

I would like to thank Hilary Patton for the photograph of George Green, and also for providing information about his family. I would also like to thank Shirley Plowright who has also contributed information.
Last updated: 15 January 2012

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