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William Vincent Green

Born: 30 July 1824
Married: Date Unknown
Died: Date Unknown

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William Vincent Green was born 30 July 1824 in Castleton, near Sherborne, Dorset.  Before he was six he had moved with his family from Dorset to St Lukes in London.  By the time of the 1851 census he was married and living with his wife Caroline who was from The City Of London.  Sometime after 1863 they moved to Ramsgate in Kent where, working as a builder, he helped to build the promenade, and in 1890 he served as the Mayor of Ramsgate.

His sons followed him into the building profession and Herbert Horace Green also served as the Mayor of Ramsgate during 1900 and 1901.


William Miles Green and Hannah Vincent


William Vincent Green and Caroline had three children:

Name Date of Birth
William Vincent Green c. 1851
Constance E. Green c. 1857
Herbert Horace Green c. 1862


William Vincent Green was the third eldest of six siblings.

Name Date of Birth Baptism Date
Charlotte Green 21 February 1820 22 April 1821
George Green 20 August 1822 25 December 1822
William Vincent Green 30 July 1824 20 February 1825
Vincent John Green 11 July 1829 4 August 1829
Sarah Vincent Green 18 October 1833 22 December 1833
Alfred Thomas Green c. 1839

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