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Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall Born: 9 December 1857
Married: 1: 5 August 1880
2: 21 January 1885
Died: 2 March 1904

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Thomas Hall was born on 9 December 1857 in Tabley Superior, Cheshire. He grew up living on the grounds at Tabley House, where his parents worked. However he had moved to 40 Ashton Street, Warrington and was working on the railways, when on 5 August 1880 he married Ellen Leicester. He and Ellen had known each other as teenagers, since both his and her parents worked at Tabley House. On the mariage certificate Thomas is shown as a Railway Officer and in the 1881 Census he is shown as a Railway Porter.

On 25 July 1881, Ellen gave birth to their daughter Ada Mary Ellen (Nellie) Hall. Tragically, two days later Ellen died due to complications during the birth. Nellie was then brought up in Tabley by her maternal grandparents Charles and Ellen Leicester. Thomas worked on the railways as a porter and moved to Southport. On 21 January 1885 he married Sarah Ann Price from Harwarden, Flint (The birthplace of his mother Mary Hall nee Ellis). In 1886 Thomas and Sarah were living at 69 Duke Street, Southport when Sarah gave bith to their first child James Edward Hall. In the 1891 Census they were living at 57 Railway Street, Southport and Thomas was a Railway Forman Porter. By 1901 the family had moved to 30 Morland Street, Liverpool, and Thomas had become a Railway Guard.

Thomas died on 2 March 1904 following an 18 month illness from Phthisis (pulmonery tuberculosis). He was buried at Fazakerley Cemetery on 7 March 1904.


Thomas's parents were James Hall and Mary Hall nee Ellis


Thomas Hall and Ellen Leicester had one child:

Name Date of Birth
Ada Mary Ellen Hall 5 July 1881

Thomas Hall and Sarah Ann Price had five children:

Name Date of Birth
James Edward Hall 3 February 1886
Florence Hall 4 May 1887
Elizabeth Beatrice Hall 26 June 1889
William Henry Hall 9 February 1891
Blanche Evelene Hall 29 May 1892


Thomas was the 4th of 5 siblings:

Name Date of Birth
Elizabeth Hall March 1851
Ellen Hall 15 May 1853
John Hall c. 1855
Thomas Hall 9 December 1857
Maria Hall February 1860

Picture Gallery

Picture of Thomas Hall This is a picture of Thomas Hall taken circa 1880s.
This is a picture of Thomas Hall taken circa 1890s. Picture courtesy of Susan Atkins.
This picture is of 57 Railway Street, Southport, taken about 1989. It is where Thomas and family were living in 1891 and also where William Henry Hall was born. Picture courtesy of Susan Atkins.
In loving Memory of Thomas, the deeply lamented husband of Sarah Ann Hall.

Census Records

Thomas Hall has been identified in the following censuses:

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