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A Brief History of the Billen Ancestors

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Please note: The information about the Billen Ancestors has been retrieved from an Ancestral File on FamilySearch.org, which I have not personally verified.

Nycholas Billinge

The earliest known Billen ancestor is Nycholas Billinge. He was baptised in Yarcombe, Devon on 14 August 1594. On 20 November 1625, he married Agnes Helliar in Yarcombe. They had eight children who were all baptised in Yarcombe. Their third child, John Billinge, was baptised on 15 April 1629. Nycholas Billinge was buried on 20 November 1625.

John Billinge

John Billinge was baptised 15 April 1629 in Yarcombe, Devon. He married Johane Philday in Yarcombe on 17 June 1652. They had seven children who were all baptised in Yarcombe. The middle child, Mathew Billing, was baptised 23 January 1660. It is not known when John died, but Johane was buried on 23 April 1706 in Yarcombe.

Mathew Billing

Mathew Billing was baptised on 23 January 1660 in Yarcombe, Devon. He and his wife Catherine had seven children who were all baptised in Yarcombe. Their sixth child, Mary Billen, was baptised on 8 August 1700. Catherine was buried in Otterford, Somerset on 11 September 1718 and Mathew was buried there on 15 February 1731.

Mary Billen

Mary Billen was baptised on 8 August 1700 in Yarcome, Devon. She married Henry Willie on 5 July 1730 in Taunton, St Mary, Devon. They had three children. The youngest, John Willie was born on 27 December 1737. Mary died on 31 July 1757 in Yarcombe.

Last updated: 2 August 2008

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