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A Brief History of the Thompson Ancestors

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Please note: The information about the Thompson Ancestors has been retrieved from records on FamilySearch.org which I have not personally verified.

Joseph Thompson

The earliest known Thompson is Joseph Thompson. Joseph and his wife Nancy Royley had three children all baptised in Davenham, Cheshire.

Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson was born on 22 December 1796 and was baptised on 2 January 1797 in Davenham, Cheshire. On 28 December 1820, he married Isaac Sanders in Davenham. Isaac and Mary had 12 children, the second eldest, Ann Sanders, was baptised on 27 October 1822. By 1841 the family was living in Pickmere, Cheshire and Isaac was working as an agricultural labourer. On 21 November 1864, Isaac was buried at St Mary and All Saints Church, Great Budworth, Cheshire, aged 67. Mary was buried there on 8 February 1881 aged 84.

Last updated: 15 November 2008

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