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A Brief History of the Loosemore Ancestors

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Please note: Much of the information about the Loosemore Ancestors has been retrieved from Loosemore of Devon. A full comprehensive detailed history of this Loosemore Branch can be found in Chapter 9.

Aaron Luesmore

The earliest known Loosemore is Aaron Luesemore. He was born circa. 1630. His wife was called Anstace. They had two children. The first, Charity, was baptised on 28 May 1652 in Upottery, Devon, and buried there on 23 August 1652. The second was Joseph born circa. 1658. Anstace was buried on 3 February in Churchstanton, Devon. Aaron was buried there on 13 December 1696.

Joseph Loosmore - 1658

Joseph Loosemore was born circa1658. He married Mary Byrne on 20 May 1685 in Yarcombe, Devon. They had four children. The eldest, Joseph, was baptised on 21 May 1686 in Yarcombe. It is believed that Joseph senior died in 1730.

Joseph Loosmore - 1686

Joseph Loosemore was baptised 31 May 1730 on 21 May 1686 in Yarcombe, Devon. He married Mary Pool, the daughter of Peter and Mary Pool, on 29 May 1717 in Churchstanton, Devon. They had nine children, variously baptised in Churchstanton, Otterford and Clayhidon. The eighth child, John Loosemore, was baptised on 31 May 1730 in Clayhidon. Joseph was buried on 7 September 1734 in Churchstanton and Mary was buried there on 13 January 1760.

John Loosmore

John Loosemore was baptised on 31 May 1730 in Clayhidon. He married Ann Lenthall, the daughter of John and Jane Lenthall, on 22 March 1757 in Yarcombe, Devon. They had nine children all baptised in Yarcombe. The second oldest, Peter, was baptised on 2 March 1760. Between 1774 and 1798 the family lived at lived at Studbeer (Stodbear) Farm in Yarcombe. John was a yeoman farmer. John died on 30 January 1815 and was buried on 7 February 1815 in Yarcombe churchyard. Ann was buried there on 13 January 1818.

Peter Loosmore

Peter Loosemore was baptised on 2 March 1760 in Yarcombe, Devon. He married Elizabeth Willie on 19 April 1787. They had two children – The eldest, Mary Loosemore was born 20 February 1788. Peter died on 12 March 1803. Elizabeth then married Francis Drake from Yarcombe on 18 April 1804, and they had three sons. Elizabeth died in Upottery, Devon on 1 February 1850.

Mary Loosemore

Mary Loosemore was baptised on 20 February 1788 in Yarcombe, Devon. She married Charles Long on 28 October 1818 in Yarcombe, Devon. Their eldest child, John Long, was baptised on 7 February 1819. By 1841 Charles was a farmer the family was living at Stodbeer Farm in Yarcombe. Mary died between 1841 & 1851, however Charles was living at the farm until after 1861.

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