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A Brief History of the Willie Ancestors

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Please note: The information about the Willie Ancestors has been retrieved from an Ancestral File on FamilySearch.org, which I have not personally verified.

Robert Willie

The earliest known Willie ancestor is Robert Willie. He was born circa 1631 in Otterford, Somerset. He had four children, who were also born in Otterford. The eldest was born circa 1657 and the youngest, John Willy, was born in 1663.

John Willy - 1663

John Willy was born in 1663 and baptized at Buckland St Mary, Somerset on 16 June 1663. He married Joane Smith, from Otterford and they had thirteen children – nine boys and four girls. All thirteen children were baptised in Otterford, Somerset. Their sixth child, Henry Willie, was born in 1697 in the nearby village of Yarcombe, Devon. John died in Otterford on 23 March 1733, aged 69.

Henry Willie

Henry Willie was born in 1697 in Yarcombe, Devon and was baptised in Otterford on 25 October 1699. On 5 July 1730, he married Mary Billen in Taunton, St Mary, Devon. Henry and Mary had three children. The youngest, John Willy, was born 27 December 1737. Henry died 4 December 1792, aged 93.

John Willy - 1737

John Willy was born in 27 December 1737 in Otterford, Somerset and was baptised on the same day in Yarcombe, Devon. On 15 April 1762, he married Amy Clark, in Yarcombe. John and Amy had eight children. The third oldest was Elizabeth Willie, baptised in Yarcombe on 3 May 1767. John died in Yarcombe on 4 February 1822, aged 84.

Elizabeth Willie

Elizabeth Willie was born in 1767 and baptised on 3 May 1767 in Yarcombe, Devon. On 19 April 1787, she married Peter Loosemore, in Yarcombe. They had two children – The eldest, Mary Loosemore was born 20 February 1788. Peter died on 12 March 1803. Elizabeth married Francis Drake from Yarcombe on 18 April 1804, and they had three sons. Elizabeth died in Upottery, Devon on 1 February 1850.

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