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A Brief History of the Lenthall Ancestors

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John Lenthall

The earliest known Lenthall is John Lenthall. He married Elizabeth Dimond on 15 June 1783 in the parish of Upottery, Devon. John and Elizabeth had four children. The youngest, Mathew Lenthall, was baptised on 16 September 1792 in the nearby village of Yarcombe, Devon.

Mathew Lenthall

Mathew Lenthall, was baptised in Yarcombe on 16 September 1792. On 20 January 1818, he married Mary Baker in the parish of Upottery. They had six children; the eldest was Mary Lenthall who was born circa 1819. Mathew was a farmer of 56 acres and in 1841 the family was living at Williambeer Farm, Yarcome, Devon.

Mary Lenthall

Mary Lenthall was baptised in 1819 in Yarcombe, Devon, and on 9 December 1841 she married John Lomg in Yarcombe. John worked as a carpenter and in 1851 they were living in the nearby village of Upottery, Devon. By 1861 they were living in the village post office and in 1862 John was the sub-postmaster until his death in 1881. Mary died in 1902. John and Mary had eight children.

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